AliasesGuillotine Maria
Hair, Blond
Eyes, Amber
Body, Slim, Tall
Clothes, Mask, Necklace, Robe
Items, Greatsword
Personality, Altruistic, Cautious, Coodere, Genius, Hardworker, Kind, Patriotic, Protective, Reserved, Strange
Role, Knight
Engages in, Fighting, Manslaughter, Murder, Swordsmanship
Subject of, Disaster, Slavery
Visual novelsMain character - Eden -Saishuu Sensou Shoujo Densetsu-


A mysterious woman. Details about her are unknown.
She has a quite bizarre appearance.
Ryuu meets her in a certain place and... he gets himself involved with terrifying events after.

<hidden by spoiler settings>She's actually the captain of the Royal Slave Knights of Mu, and one of the most loyal followers of Ryuu. She is as graceful as she is fierce on the battlefield, known as "Guillotine Maria". The strongest of the slave knights, and one that is very diligent and dutiful.
She carries the "Hawk's record", a miraculous sword.
It's rare -albeit not unheard of- to see her changing her expressions as she's always deadpan.
She is 12021 years old.

<hidden by spoiler settings>Maya Union assassination target with the priority number of 4

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