Edit history of Minase Aoi

c9338.162020-06-06 at 17:22warfokiMinase Aoitrait
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c9338.142018-03-28 at 22:09mcmullengageMinase Aoirole
c9338.132016-01-28 at 21:08traumatizerMinase Aoitraits
c9338.122015-12-23 at 14:59traumatizerMinase Aoi+1
c9338.112015-11-14 at 18:33traumatizerMinase Aoi+1
c9338.102015-10-17 at 21:55traumatizerMinase Aoi+4
c9338.92015-06-04 at 22:07traumatizerMinase Aoisex traits
c9338.82015-04-25 at 21:21traumatizerMinase Aoidesc fix
c9338.72014-10-28 at 22:46ferustachiMinase AoiUpdated traits.
c9338.62014-10-27 at 17:43weilaiMinase Aoi.
c9338.52014-08-14 at 19:00earthwormMinase Aoiadd vn
c9338.42014-04-29 at 14:16nakatoshiMinase AoiIf piloting is minor then Pilot (role) is also a minor.
c9338.32013-05-09 at 18:37madekingMinase AoiAdded Descripton from Moenovel character page
c9338.22013-01-30 at 19:43ds1150Minase Aoifandisk and traits
c9338.12012-11-06 at 14:44ds1150Minase AoiNew