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Akizuki Mikoto

秋月 美琴

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Akizuki Mikoto秋月 美琴
Birthday29 February
HairBrown, Shoulder-length, Sidehair, Straight
BodyMole, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBlouse, Boots, Choker, Court Shoes, Shirt, Short Shorts, Skirt, Skirt Suit, Torn Pantyhose (damaged)
RoleNeighbor, Office Lady
Engages inComputering, Drinking
Visual novelsMain character - Yubisaki Connection
Main character - Yubisaki Connection Mini Fandisk Vol. 01 - Yuzuki & Mikoto Hen
Voiced byKazane


She lives in the apartment building where the main character lives. She has the air of a super-skilled office worker, and in fact, works for a good company. However, as a reaction to this, she's a bit sloppy in her room where she doesn't have other people's eyes and sometimes drinks alcohol from morning onwards. When she has energy, she goes out in the city and enjoys her current life in moderation, while doing her best as a career woman.