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Ryuugasaki Hinano

竜ヶ崎 雛乃

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Ryuugasaki Hinano竜ヶ崎 雛乃
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm, Weight: 60kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 120-62-78cm, P cup
HairBlack, Braided Crown, Hair Loopies, Straight, Waist Length+
BodyHuge Breasts, Pale, Slim
ClothesHair Flower, School Uniform
PersonalityCurious, Refined
RoleClassmate, Ojousama, Popular, Yamato Nadeshiko
Visual novelsMain character - Heroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito Desu ka? Soretomo Tomefure Desu ka? Second
Voiced byFuurin Misuzu


A young lady raised in a disciplined family. She is a Yamato Nadeshiko with an elegant grace and personality. She is popular amongst not just the boys, but also the girls.

She is curious about certain entertainment. Her frustration over her strict upbringing has reached its limit, and she is keenly interested in games and manga that are banned at her home. She is especially interested in romance and sexual activity. She used to have a relationship with Yuuji in the same class, but for some reason that relationship was cut off.