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Hera Kairis

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Hera Kairis
Birthday1 January
Visual novelsMain character - Dry Drowning


Sweet, kind and somewhat insecure, Hera has undergone a lot of psychological changes following the traumas caused by the Jennifer Kingston and Robert Herrington case. Unlike her colleague Mordred Foley, Hera is extremely empathetic and vulnerable, and tends to be easily deceived despite her remarkable intelligence. She emigrated from Greece, her native country, to Nova Polemos at the age of 5, right before the closing of the borders, which caused the death of thousands of refugees. She started working right from her childhood in order to attend a law school, where she graduated with full marks and honours at 25. Her relationship with Mordred (romantic? professional?) is completely unknown, as well as her involvement in the cases handled by Foley Investigations. Her greatest passions are classic Greek literature and playing the piano.