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Mizunashi Akari

水無 灯里

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Mizunashi Akari水無 灯里A
AliasesMomiko, もみ子
MeasurementsHeight: 155cm
Birthday30 January
HairLong, Pink, Twin Tails
BodyMedium Breasts, Pale, Slim
ClothesHat, Uniform
RoleFriend, Girlfriend, Guide, Not a Virgin
Visual novelsSide character - Snow White
Voiced bySuzuki Ryou

Other instances

Mizunashi Akari水無 灯里
PersonalityAirhead, Cheerful, Friendly, Honest, Kind, Nature Lover, Optimist, Outgoing, Relaxed
RoleCoworker, Kouhai
Subject ofTeasing
Visual novelsMain character - Aria The Natural ~Tooi Kioku no Mirage~
Main character - Aria The Origination ~Aoi Hoshi no Il Cielo~
Voiced byHazuki Erino


A native of Japan on Manhome (Earth) who immigrates to Aqua (Mars) when she is 15 to become an undine. While initially not as skillful at rowing a gondola as Alice nor as familiar with the history of her adopted city as Aika, Akari makes friends quickly and easily converse with customers and other strangers. She is depicted as optimistic and cheerful, finding enjoyment in things or events that others think humdrum and mundane.