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Jinan Sougen

時南 宗玄

Jinan Sougen時南 宗玄
AliasesMad Doctor
PersonalityPervert, Sly, Wise
RoleMedical Doctor
Engages inMartial Arts
Subject ofInsanity
Visual novelsSide character - Kagetsu Tooya


Sougen was a member of an organization motoring Mixed-Blood individuals. He was friends with Kiri Nanaya. He later retired and became "some sort of shady back-alley doctor" with his Jinan Clinic. He acted as the exclusive doctor of the Tohno family. Since Shiki Tohno came into the family, he acted as Shiki's primary care physician. He used eastern medicine to treat Shiki's anemia, knowing its true nature, but it was never something he could cure. He also became acquainted with Miyako Arima due to her following Shiki to his appointments while Shiki lived in the Arima household. He eventually began teaching Miyako basic forms of Bajiquan.