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MeasurementsR cup
HairAhoge, Blond, Ponytail
BodyMagic Tattoo
ClothesErotic Wedding Dress, Evening Gloves, Headband, Polo Shirt, Thigh-high Stockings, Veil, Wedding Ring
PersonalityHard Worker, Serious
RoleKnight, Mother, Not a Virgin, Succubus, Wife
Engages inCompetition, Infidelity, Remarriage, Wedding, Working Out
Subject ofNetorare (they are the stolen SO), Pregnancy
Visual novelsSide character - Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Isekai Chou Ero ♥ Succubus Gakuen!
Voiced byUmemiya Koko


Celestia's mother. She is the leader of the succubus knight group: Liberte. To succeed as the next head of the knights, she is rigorously training her daughter. This is likely the reason Celestia has more knowledge about knighthood and chivalry than succubus skills. She is always dieting and exercising in order to remain in good shape and maintain her strength as a knight.