Edit history of Sugou Chisato

c97497.142021-10-22 at 11:49thymeSugou ChisatoReverted to revision c97497.12. That's because our rule is different from Hooksoft's. Please refer to link for our rule of romanisation.
c97497.132021-10-22 at 11:22ayahamaSugo Chisatoin the official wallpaper it's writing like this (source: link)
c97497.122021-10-12 at 00:00hectorSugou ChisatoTraits added.
c97497.112021-10-08 at 08:32reinnstSugou Chisatoadd trait
c97497.102021-09-29 at 16:54NowItsAngeTimeSugou ChisatoAssertive Based on review of visual novel form EGS
c97497.92021-09-29 at 05:47NowItsAngeTimeSugou ChisatoAdded Cowgirl and Boobjob
c97497.82021-09-28 at 16:38NowItsAngeTimeSugou ChisatoAdded quote
c97497.72021-09-28 at 16:29NowItsAngeTimeSugou ChisatoAdded description.
c97497.62021-09-27 at 13:04MrkewSugou ChisatoReverted to revision c97497.4 - romanization made by dev is irrelevant for vndb. The furigana says すごう
c97497.52021-09-27 at 13:00vikas2316Sugo ChisatoIngame Voice menu shows the name "Sugo Chisato".
c97497.42021-06-03 at 08:38usuisorataSugou Chisatoadded trait
c97497.32021-06-03 at 08:37usuisorataSugou Chisatoadded trait
c97497.22021-05-28 at 15:28thymeSugou ChisatoImage, traits +9. link
c97497.12021-05-26 at 13:45sakuhanachanSugou Chisatolink