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DescriptionArcane Card: Paleturquoise of CUPS

The youngest first-year student, she is the secretary of The Twilight Club.

She has a ladylike and quiet personality, and in addition to being the secretary, she serves and does miscellaneous work for the club as if she were a maid. She has younger siblings at home and is a family-oriented girl who takes good care of them and does all the housework and cooking. She is also a mascot who is loved by everyone.

The main character, Tomori, is no exception. She is very considerate and will follow up on your mistakes, even if they are naughty. However, she is a little too caring and sometimes puts herself on the back burner and keeps her feelings bottled up inside.

According to the girls, she has the biggest tits (cups) in the club despite her petite size.

"Ufufu... Then let's have some tea. Oh, perhaps cocoa would have been better?"

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Hananoka Sumire

花ノ香 澄玲