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No mention of her in Grisaia no Kajitsu. In fact, the series that she is in (Hoshiuta) bears no relationship to Grisaia no Kajitsu.
Visual novelsv5154 Makes an appearance (no spoiler)
v1002 Main character (no spoiler)
v2938 Main character (no spoiler)

v1002 Main character (no spoiler)
v2938 Main character (no spoiler)

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Suou Nanano

周防 ななの

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Suou Nanano周防 ななのA
AliasesNonono, ののの
MeasurementsHeight: 147cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 77-54-79cm
Birthday9 March
HairBrown, Parted in Middle, Short
EyesRed, Tareme
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesBikini, Bra, Dress, Kimono, Mini-dress, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Shimapan, Sports Shoes, Tank Top, Towel, Yukata
PersonalityCarefree, Clumsy, Funny, Hardworker, Immature, Naive, Sweets Lover
RoleDomestic Partner, Granddaughter, Kouhai, Non-blood-related Sister, Pet Owner, Younger Sister
Engages inCleaning, Cooking, Drawing, Gardening, Teasing
Subject ofGrief
Visual novelsMain character - Hoshiuta
Main character - Hoshiuta ~Starlight Serenade~
Voiced byTamiyasu Tomoe


Nanano is Kazuhiko's younger sister. In reality, she's a girl that his grandmother was already looking after when Kazuhiko was sent to live in the town of Mihoshi.

Being a year younger than he, Nanano has always looked up to him as an older brother, and does her part to help around the house by cooking meals and doing housework. As expected, Grandma Hina's death hit Nanano the hardest. In fact, the topic of her death is one of the few things that can bring down Nanano's normally high spirits, and usually leaves her in tears.

Nanano's motive is proven to be her desire to become a strong and dependable person. While her intentions are noble, her clumsiness has a tendency to show itself during her efforts, to the point where she'll sleep in without meaning to and occasionally screwing up while cooking. Her cooking is unquestionably good, though, and she manages to keep the house clean all the time.

Personality-wise, Nanano is usually cheerful and bright. She's not the smartest person in the world, but can hold her own up to a certain point. People sometimes treat her like a child, which grates on her nerves almost as much as being called "Nonono". That being said, she is very gullible and extremely innocent. She also has a tendency to sulk if something doesn't go her way. Nanano is almost always in the company of her trusty sidekick, the turtle known as Kamejirou.

[From Moroboshi Yuumei's review.]