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er bottomless appetite.

[From [url=]Steam[/url]]

[spoiler]Voiced by [url=/s5716]Touyama Nao[/url][/spoiler]
er bottomless appetite.

[From [url=]Steam[/url]]

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Kido Tsubasa

城門 ツバサ

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Kido Tsubasa城門 ツバサ
HairBlond, Braided Headband, Ponytail, Twin Tails
ClothesCoat, Waitstaff Uniform
Visual novelsMain character - PARQUET
Voiced byTouyama Nao


Daytime Sunflower
Likes: Delicious food (High in calories) Ramen, Pizza, Hamburgers, junk food.

This enigmatic girl exudes confidence and friendliness. Her affable personality and big heart are only rivaled by her bottomless appetite.

[From Steam]