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c99029.222022-08-09 at 22:55tinysurvivalistKido TsubasaShe uses “boku” when referring to herself.
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c99029.192021-09-09 at 15:27rampaaKido TsubasaReverted to revision c99029.17 reversing idiocy
c99029.182021-09-09 at 09:03rudeKido TsubasaReverted to revision c99029.16, mod lock this character from further edits.
c99029.172021-09-09 at 04:32moyangKido TsubasaReverted to revision c99029.15 // cast info is redundant
c99029.162021-09-09 at 03:01rudeKido Tsubasareversing idiocy
c99029.152021-09-08 at 10:35asakiKido Tsubasa...
c99029.142021-09-08 at 08:36rudeKido TsubasaReversing change. Nobody cares if you find it redundant nor do you receive brownie points for the sake of editing something. Stop revealing the
c99029.132021-09-07 at 01:32asakiKido TsubasaMay as well delete the note because it's redundant for the obvious reason
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c99029.102021-07-31 at 17:16yuanshineKido TsubasaCH1.2
c99029.92021-07-31 at 17:13yuanshineKido Tsubasasource: end of main story
c99029.82021-07-31 at 04:45NaioHorasKido Tsubasacorrect sourcing d5#5
c99029.72021-07-31 at 04:40NaioHorasKido Tsubasacross reference and moving the area of spoiler
c99029.62021-07-30 at 23:00rudeKido TsubasaUnless it's a mod please refrain from revealing the seiyuu behind the character. It is very apparent the developers have provided the name, however
c99029.52021-07-30 at 22:39yuanshineKido TsubasaVA is not a spoiler since it's in the OP, and shouldn't be on the character page anyways.
c99029.42021-07-30 at 22:30yuanshineKido TsubasaAdded other instance
c99029.32021-07-30 at 21:39rudeKido Tsubasamage ofmain character from official website. Not consistent with protag and other main character as the website lacked a clean image without text on
c99029.22021-07-30 at 20:55rudeKido Tsubasacharacter description taken from steam page. crediting NekoNyan Ltd., HIKARI FIELD for it. Also placed seiyuu behind spoiler tag. Please see link
c99029.12021-07-30 at 11:33sakuhanachanKido TsubasaCopied from c99028.1