Edit history of Caracal Gail

c9906.142020-10-15 at 13:09rampaaCaracal Gail+1
c9906.132019-11-02 at 10:43multiCaracal GailAutomatic extraction of age from the description.
c9906.122017-08-03 at 08:41dinoswCaracal GailReverted to revision c9906.10 I agree with you on some of your other recent image changes for this VN, but in this case, the copyrighted image you
c9906.112017-08-03 at 00:45galtosk1Caracal GailImage
c9906.102017-08-03 at 00:38galtosk1Caracal GailEdit
c9906.92017-04-17 at 17:00dinoswCaracal GailAdded Traits
c9906.82017-01-15 at 20:29dk382Caracal Gailfix
c9906.72017-01-15 at 19:49dk382Caracal Gailentry switch
c9906.62015-08-16 at 18:37aexisCaracal GailDoesn't fit guidelines for "Makes an appearance"
c9906.52015-08-16 at 18:17aexisCaracal GailReplacing with sprite from the VN
c9906.42015-03-25 at 20:38necrisCaracal GailHe was there with Gates
c9906.32015-01-01 at 16:56nutellafanCaracal GailEdited trait.
c9906.22013-04-02 at 02:18otakuman007Caracal GailAdded relation.
c9906.12012-11-19 at 19:29binfujiwaraCaracal Gailnew char