Edit history of Shimazu Reiko

c9915.152019-11-02 at 10:43multiShimazu ReikoAutomatic extraction of age from the description.
c9915.142018-05-31 at 05:04thewayfarerShimazu Reiko(We need a specific trait like "Bang Strands"...)
c9915.132018-05-31 at 05:03thewayfarerShimazu ReikoHair trait(s)
c9915.122018-05-22 at 00:40haromiShimazu ReikoGakuto's Mother
c9915.112017-01-15 at 20:29dk382Shimazu Reikofix
c9915.102017-01-15 at 20:20dk382Shimazu Reikoentry switch
c9915.92015-09-12 at 21:05traumatizerShimazu Reiko...
c9915.82015-09-12 at 21:05traumatizerShimazu Reiko+2
c9915.72015-08-16 at 19:03aexisShimazu ReikoDoesn't fit guidelines for "Makes an appearance"
c9915.62015-07-27 at 20:08aexisShimazu ReikoHas multiple appearances doesn't fit the guideline for "Makes an appearance"
c9915.52015-05-03 at 03:28wakaranaiShimazu Reikoadded v1143
c9915.42015-02-26 at 00:31timentimeagnShimazu ReikoImage change
c9915.32013-04-02 at 03:13otakuman007Shimazu ReikoAdded relation.
c9915.22012-11-19 at 19:56binfujiwaraShimazu Reikotraits
c9915.12012-11-19 at 19:55binfujiwaraShimazu Reikonew char