the visual novel database

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Public Database API

1. APIs

There are two APIs to interact with the database:

  • New HTTPS-based API: This API should be preferred for new applications. It's still in development and missing some features, but you can request a feature on the forums if you're missing anything.
  • Legacy TCP-based API: The old API will (hopefully) remain available for as long as it is being used, but it's not actively being developed anymore and may thus lag behind on features.

Both APIs are for non-commercial use only and our data license applies to any data obtained through the APIs.

If you're more interested in bulk data than real-time querying, consider using the database dumps instead. All information available through the API is also available through the dumps.

What follows is a list of public applications and libraries that make use of the API. These lists are incomplete, feel free to announce your project on the forums to have it added. These projects are not directly affiliated with VNDB, so use at your own risk.

2. Applications

User scripts:

3. Libraries