Edit history of Public Database API

d11.242022-10-02 at 13:50YorhelPublic Database APIAdd some info requested in t19163
d11.232021-12-28 at 11:52YorhelPublic Database APINo space
d11.222021-12-15 at 12:39YorhelPublic Database APIAdd support for session tokens
d11.212021-11-15 at 14:37YorhelPublic Database APIAPI changes as a result of d3.10
d11.202021-08-17 at 21:11IlecaPublic Database APImistake
d11.192021-02-08 at 16:58YorhelPublic Database APITypo fix (t3599.243)
d11.182021-01-30 at 16:57YorhelPublic Database APIClarify new original language field.
d11.172021-01-26 at 09:41YorhelPublic Database APIRemove documentation for the old get/set list commands. They'll continue to work for as long as applications use them, but they've been deprecated
d11.162020-12-29 at 11:57YorhelPublic Database APIQuotes can be fetched now.
d11.152020-11-13 at 13:12YorhelPublic Database APIThat was a failed attempt to use the / key to search.
d11.142020-11-13 at 13:12YorhelPublic Database APIProper name for the spoiler sex option (t3599.235)
d11.132020-11-13 at 08:04YorhelPublic Database APIAdded the recently introduced fields for characters.
d11.122020-07-09 at 12:06YorhelPublic Database APIImage flagging updates. t13727.322
d11.112020-04-09 at 06:40YorhelPublic Database APIThe backend no longer keeps track of a few dbstats.
d11.102020-02-09 at 15:29YorhelPublic Database APIDoc fix for 'set ulist', there never has been a "status" field for that command.
d11.92020-01-01 at 07:41YorhelPublic Database APIChanges related to t13365
d11.82019-12-05 at 15:57YorhelPublic Database APIAdd support for the new list feature.
d11.72019-10-07 at 15:04YorhelPublic Database APIExport the new wikidata links + pixiv. I was about to add the new release links as well, but aaaargh too many. Just bug me if you need it.
d11.62019-09-09 at 19:37YorhelPublic Database APItypo
d11.52019-07-20 at 09:47YorhelPublic Database APIOops.
d11.42019-07-20 at 09:30YorhelPublic Database APIAdd reference to data license.
d11.32018-06-13 at 16:07YorhelPublic Database APIAdd character instances t3599.208
d11.22018-02-08 at 15:26YorhelPublic Database APIAdd conversion from the old HTML docs.
d11.12018-02-08 at 15:17multiPublic Database APIEmpty page