Edit history of Adding/Editing Characters

d12.112021-05-20 at 16:54beliarAdding/Editing CharactersWe have never observed the whole "character images with backgrounds are preferred" rule. It's pretty much obsolete and I'm removing it. Moreover, the
d12.102021-04-22 at 15:21beliarAdding/Editing CharactersBecause it's not clear for some people what "original name" is.
d12.92020-05-26 at 13:20YorhelAdding/Editing CharactersUpdates for new form, images don't have to be SFW anymore.
d12.82020-03-28 at 19:02beliarAdding/Editing Charactersnote
d12.72019-03-08 at 19:10beliarAdding/Editing Characterssome typos
d12.62018-05-12 at 23:22beliarAdding/Editing Charactersedit in response to t10625
d12.52018-04-14 at 08:25beliarAdding/Editing Charactersone more loophole closed
d12.42018-04-14 at 08:20beliarAdding/Editing CharactersConsidering the lack of information can be as big of a spoiler as too much information, some edits were made regarding the instances, where the
d12.32018-04-12 at 17:57YorhelAdding/Editing CharactersGender -> Sex. t10472
d12.22018-02-08 at 15:26YorhelAdding/Editing CharactersAdd conversion from the old HTML docs.
d12.12018-02-08 at 15:17multiAdding/Editing CharactersEmpty page