Edit history of Database Dumps

d14.92021-05-21 at 12:00yorhelDatabase DumpsNote about primary tag/trait parents.
d14.82020-07-28 at 06:17yorhelDatabase DumpsCharacter images can be nsfw now as well + update counts.
d14.72019-08-04 at 06:01yorhelDatabase Dumps+ rsync server for images
d14.62019-07-22 at 08:21yorhelDatabase DumpsAdd "Complete" database dump + Link to new centralized download location. t12641
d14.52019-07-20 at 09:34yorhelDatabase DumpsRefer to data licensing.
d14.42019-06-26 at 11:38yorhelDatabase DumpsTags & trait dumps now* have the "meta" field separated into "searchable" and "applicable". *) As in, the next time the dump is run, which isn't for
d14.32018-10-24 at 09:08yorhelDatabase DumpsUpdating the size estimations.
d14.22018-02-08 at 15:26yorhelDatabase DumpsAdd conversion from the old HTML docs.
d14.12018-02-08 at 15:17multiDatabase DumpsEmpty page