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Adding/Editing Staff Members

1. Introduction

Staff entries represent individuals and groups that play significant roles in visual novels production, such as script writers, character designers, artists, voice actors, composers and singers.

2. General info

People involved in visual novel production often hide behind multiple aliases. These aliases can be listed here. Add only aliases that are actually used in VN credits. Sometimes names with different Japanese spellings are romanized equally. You may add such aliases, but in that case the original spelling should be used when that name is being looked up in the VN staff edit form.
One of the aliases can be selected as the primary name of the staff entry. Typically this is either the person's true name (if known, and if the person has used their true name in the context of VNs) or, alternatively, the most widely used alias.
For each alias, the romaji field should contain the name in Latin alphabet. The original name should contain the name as it is written in the original script, and should be left blank if the name is already in the Latin alphabet. Check out the general editing guidelines for information on name order and romanization. If possible, try to include a space between the given name and the surname.
Person's gender, if known.
Primary language
Native language, Japanese by default.
Staff note
Brief note describing biography, occupation and production companies affiliations, if any. It's fine to leave this field empty if there's nothing much known about the person in question.
Official page
Link to the official page or blog.
Additional links
You could also provide links to Wikipedia entry, Twitter account and/or AniDB entry. Do not specify the full URL for additional links, we only need a small part of it!