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Privacy Policy & Licensing

1. Privacy Policy

1.1. What we know about you

All network traffic with the server (which includes: IP addresses, browser and referer information, and in some cases the full contents of form data) may be logged for up to 7 days. This data is used solely for technical diagnostics and measurements, and for detection and investigation of unwanted behavior (such as spam or malicious voting behavior). These logs are not used for profiling or analytics, are not shared with external parties and do not leave the server.

Additionally, the following information about you is stored if you have created an account:

  • Email address: Your email address is only used for account verification, recovery, and (very rarely) important information regarding your account. We do not send site updates, notifications or other content over email. If such features are ever added in the future, they will be explicitely opt-in. Your email address is never shared with third parties.
  • IP address and list of active sessions: These are used for abuse detection/prevention and account security. This information is never shared with third parties.
  • Lists: This includes your personal visual novel list, wishlist, release list and votes. This information is part of your public profile and is therefore, by default, visible to everyone. It is possible to mark your list as private in your profile, which will also prevent this information to be shared with third parties.
  • Database contributions: This covers all your activities on VNDB that are not covered above. These are part of the public record and are visible to everyone.

All information may be retained in the database for as long as your account exists, with the exceptions of database contributions, which may be retained indefinitely. Backups of the database are stored for up to a year.

1.2. What we share with others

All information previously marked as "visible to everyone" is considered public information and may be shared with others. In practice, this typically happens through the API or database dumps.

VNDB does not rely on any resources hosted by external parties and does not use any form of analytics or targeted advertising.

If we are presented with a valid search warrant by a government agency, we will, in all likelihood, have to comply. This has never happened.

1.3. What we use cookies for

Cookies are only used for user preferences and session management.

1.4. Account deletion

You can request your account to be deleted by creating a thread on Yorhel's board or by sending an email to In the latter case, the email must originate from the same address as listed in your account. The following information will then be permanently deleted from the database:

  • Your username, preferences, email address information and sessions.
  • All your lists (as mentioned above).

Your database contributions will persist, but will be irreversibly decoupled from your account (in fact, your account will not exist anymore).

2. Contributor License Agreement

You agree that all your public contributions - that is, all information marked as "visible to everyone" in section 1.1 - may be shared with the public and/or (commercially) licensed to other parties.

3. Data License

All information on VNDB is made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

With the following exceptions: