the visual novel database

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Database Querying

1. Introduction

The VNDB database is available for public querying at

2. Rules & notes

  • You do not need an account to view or run queries, but if you plan to save queries it helps to be logged in on VNDB.
  • The database runs on PostgreSQL.
  • Queries are run against an import of the near-complete database dump, updated daily at 8:30 UTC. This means that it may take up to 24 hours for changes to the main database to show up in query results.
  • Maximum query execution time is 60 seconds (but you may get a timeout before that).
  • The database can include additional indices, (materialized) views, stored procedures or other caches that are not available in the original dumps. These are listed in /extras.sql.txt. Feel free to suggest additions to that file in t12800.
  • The interface runs SQLPad, bug reports and feature requests may be posted in t12800, but you can also send pull requests directly to the SQLPad repository to give others a chance to provide feedback.
  • The database schema will likely change over time and this may break your saved queries.
  • The service is provided for humans only. Please DO NOT use bots or crawlers to interface with, instead use the API or just get the database dumps directly.
  • Data obtained through the querying service is available under the Open Database License + Database Contents License, see our Data License for more information.

3. Interesting queries

If you've written a query that may be useful or interesting for others, please share them in t12800. Here's a few:

3.1. Moderation tools

3.2. Stats

3.3. Custom querying