Edit history of Database Querying

d18.112022-11-12 at 13:08YorhelDatabase QueryingWhy does a little open source software project need a startup-esque domain? At least it doesn't point to a generic startup-esque landing page.
d18.102021-07-02 at 17:55YorhelDatabase QueryingTurns out that query did still work after all (t12800.78)
d18.92021-07-02 at 14:35YorhelDatabase QueryingFix releases/year query, which someone overwrote. Removed another broken query. I think the remaining queries are safeguarded against overwriting now.
d18.82020-08-21 at 12:42YorhelDatabase Queryingsqlpad update, login is not required anymore and the screenshots are outdated. Not sure we really needed that usage explanation stuff anyway.
d18.72020-06-24 at 13:58YorhelDatabase QueryingA few more handy queries
d18.62019-09-20 at 05:30YorhelDatabase QueryingSome more queries
d18.52019-09-19 at 19:16YorhelDatabase QueryingAdd some interesting queries. Mainly from t12800.23 + a few of mine.
d18.42019-09-01 at 12:04YorhelDatabase QueryingImportant disclaimer
d18.32019-09-01 at 08:28YorhelDatabase Queryingextras.sql
d18.22019-08-31 at 14:03YorhelDatabase QueryingNew data querying page.
d18.12019-08-31 at 13:46multiDatabase QueryingEmpty page