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d20.352023-02-06 at 10:19YorhelScratchpadMoved to d17.6, though my wording doesn't really capture the message in full. Oh well.
d20.342023-01-31 at 02:02EzezinScratchpadd15.7
d20.332023-01-19 at 14:45EzezinScratchpadDeleted board rules, rewritten content policy. I'm still don't know where it should go.
d20.322023-01-08 at 10:15YorhelScratchpadI'm only making it worse
d20.312023-01-08 at 10:14YorhelScratchpadMinor wording
d20.302023-01-07 at 06:15EzezinScratchpadWhile I'm at it, doing a "loli content policy". Not sure which page this should go and not sure if it's really that necessary.
d20.292023-01-07 at 05:04EzezinScratchpadTypo.
d20.282023-01-07 at 05:02EzezinScratchpadRule 6 based on gambs actions. Rule 7 based on the constant problems Ileca faces when dealing with trolls. Rule 8 based on t19276.25.
d20.272022-10-04 at 06:17YorhelScratchpadContent moved to d3.22
d20.262022-10-01 at 16:12EzezinScratchpadAfter thinking for a bit, I really don't see how this part could be useful for release titles.
d20.252022-10-01 at 16:02EzezinScratchpadRewritten my bad copy/paste. I also forgot to write something for cassette tape. Hopefully I didn't forget anything else.
d20.242022-10-01 at 15:23YorhelScratchpadMinor thingies
d20.232022-09-30 at 14:55EzezinScratchpadAdded the new title and language update, fixed a minor typo at the beginning, moved some stuff following the exact same ordering as the edit form
d20.222022-09-12 at 16:33EzezinScratchpadMoved to d2, d16 and d4 respectively.
d20.212022-09-12 at 15:04EzezinScratchpadJapanese name for consistency.
d20.202022-09-12 at 15:01EzezinScratchpadSome changes and additions.
d20.192022-09-11 at 15:19EzezinScratchpadI think I finally get it right this time.
d20.182022-09-09 at 11:23EzezinScratchpadReverted to revision d20.15 I give up.
d20.172022-09-09 at 11:22EzezinScratchpadLets see if it works.
d20.162022-09-09 at 11:17EzezinScratchpadNow it should be more readable.
d20.152022-09-09 at 11:16EzezinScratchpadWhat do you think?
d20.142022-08-25 at 08:07YorhelScratchpadReverted to revision d20.12 Welp, simultaneous edit. Feel free to switch to d2 now.
d20.132022-08-25 at 08:04EzezinScratchpadYou forgot that one word. Anyway, I used one entry from the beta site as example, replacing it with its VNDB entry.
d20.122022-08-25 at 08:04YorhelScratchpadd2.26
d20.112022-08-25 at 07:16YorhelScratchpadWording and typo fixes; "edition" instead of "section" for consistency; Clarified MTL guidelines. Don't do releases at lunch.
d20.102022-08-17 at 22:35EzezinScratchpadForgot to remove that part.
d20.92022-08-17 at 22:19EzezinScratchpadMy bad, fixed some glaring mistakes.
d20.82022-08-17 at 22:13EzezinScratchpadSome changes based on t6138.364 suggestions and onwards + some fixes and removed some unnecessary stuff.
d20.72022-08-12 at 22:41EzezinScratchpadSome fixes I didn't noticed in the first draft.
d20.62022-08-12 at 22:08EzezinScratchpadFirst draft for the upcoming staff overhaul.
d20.52022-03-29 at 14:19YorhelScratchpadd3.11
d20.42022-03-14 at 10:33YorhelScratchpadNow with a whole bunch of self-hosted examples; from t17596.30
d20.32022-03-09 at 14:23YorhelScratchpadIncorporated feedback from t17596.30 and t17596.35. Haven't updated the examples yet, will do so later.
d20.22022-01-14 at 10:37YorhelScratchpadLet's have a scratchpad for easier drafting of proposals and guidelines. Using t17596 as a start.
d20.12022-01-14 at 09:40multiScratchpadEmpty page