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Adding/Editing a Producer

1. When to add a producer

A producer entry may be created in one of the following scenarios:

  1. When it is needed to link the developer or publisher to a release entry. In this case, the producer is required to have released at least one completed product. This means that translation projects and starting developers may only be added when they've actually finished a project.
  2. When it is needed to link two or more producer entries together to provide a correct view of the relations between producers. The producer entries that are being linked together should qualify for the first criteria, and need to be linked to at least one release entry.

Producer entries that do not qualify for either rule may be deleted after a while.

2. General info

The type of producer.
Name (romaji)
The name of the producer in the Latin alphabet, using romanisation in case the original name isn't in the Latin alphabet already.
Original name
If the Name (above) has been romanised, make sure to mention the original (most likely the Japanese) name here.
Other names the producer is known as. Multiple aliases should be separated by a newline.
Primary language
The language the the producer works in most of the time. By default, it is Japanese.
Official homepage of the producer.
A history of the producer, or a description of what type of games they make.

3. Relations

These relations provide information about which producers are related to each other, and how they are related. Choosing the correct relation may be a bit confusing, check the relation graph of the producer entry in case of doubt. The following relations are defined:

The current producer was earlier known as the selected producer. This can be because of a name change, or when the earlier producer disbanded and the same people started again under a different name.
Succeeded by
Reverse of Formerly - selected producer was formerly known as the current producer.
Selected producer is a subsidiary of the current producer.
Parent producer
Reverse of Subsidiary - current producer is a subsidiary of the selected producer.
Selected producer is an imprint of the current producer. Simply put, an "imprint" is a different name for the same group of people, used when publishing games. See Wikipedia for more info.
Parent brand
Reverse of Imprint - current producer is an imprint of the selected producer.
The selected producer was formed by former members of the current producers. The difference with the Formerly relation is that the producer where the members came from is still alive.
Originated from
Reverse of Spawned - selected producer spawned the current producer.