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2 weeks ago-Stargazing deleted
3 weeks ago-Reluctance deleted
4 weeks ago-Bittersweet True Ending deleted
5 weeks ago-Bifauxnen Heroine deleted
6 weeks ago-Timeskip deleted
7 weeks ago-Rabbitgirl Support Character deleted
7 weeks ago-Doggirl Support Character deleted
2 months ago-Small Breast Sizes Heroine (to delete) deleted, not applicable
2 months ago-sex in a cafe deleted
2 months ago-Bisexual Male Protagonist deleted
2 months ago-Protagonist by Race and Ethnicity deleted, not applicable, not searchable
2 months ago-Mosaic Over Gore deleted
2 months ago-Spoilers in Opening Movie(s) deleted
3 months ago-Changeable Voice Language deleted
3 months ago-Not Virgin Heroines Only deleted
3 months ago-No Window Transparency Setting deleted
3 months ago-BBM deleted
3 months ago-Limited animated sprites deleted
3 months ago-Pointing device gesture deleted
3 months ago-Shortcut settings deleted
4 months ago-Nasuverse deleted
4 months ago-Brother/Sister-in-law Incest deleted
4 months ago-Father/Daughter-in-law Incest deleted
4 months ago-Accidental Sex deleted
4 months ago-Ass Lineup (Female) deleted
4 months ago-Sex During Common Route deleted
4 months ago-Mother/Daughter lesbian romance deleted
5 months ago-lesbian incest deleted
5 months ago-Stock Backgrounds_ deleted
5 months ago-Breakup deleted
5 months ago-Sex in a hallway deleted
5 months ago-Pointy Eared Heroine deleted
6 months ago-Teacher pointer deleted
6 months ago-Reset Config Options deleted
6 months ago-Protagonist with See-through Vision deleted
6 months ago-Sexual Crucifixion deleted
6 months ago-Futa on Loli deleted
6 months ago-Honey Select based Graphics deleted
6 months ago-Koikatsu-based Graphics deleted
6 months ago-Dramatic mode deleted
6 months ago-Protagonist as the Only Human deleted
7 months ago-Pantylines deleted
8 months ago-Finding Out (Relationship) deleted
8 months ago-Ane-type Heroine deleted
8 months ago-VN have remake deleted
8 months ago-Uncensored Obscenities deleted
8 months ago-Sex when answering a door deleted
9 months ago-Classical music deleted
9 months ago-Tentacle Brain Fuck deleted
9 months ago-Tentacle Ear Fuck deleted