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Games where a heroine is stolen away from the protagonist by another female.

For a game to be classified as Netorare the following conditions must be met:
1. The heroine must be close (his osananajimi, etc.), romantically involved, or a close relative (sister, mother, etc.) with the protagonist.

2. If it is an eroge, related sexual events are explicitly shown or later described in detail.

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Score Title Released Popularity Rating
Kanojo ga Rezu ni Netorareru!? ~Yuri ni Hamatta Koibito o, Oshioki Chinpo de Torimodose!!~  2012-03-300.435.89 (26)
Seeds of Chaos    2019-04-290.466.02 (46)
Onee-chan wa Kushizashikou!? ~Atashi no Kui de Tsuranuite Ageru~  2018-03-230.255.55 (10)
Hatsujou Switch ~Bishimai ga Saiminjutsu ni Ochita Saki~  2014-12-191.025.88 (47)
Marriage Blue "Kon'yakusha ga Iru no ni, Doushite Konna Otoko ni..."  2012-02-241.346.85 (67)
Shippo no Kimochi  2002-06-210.095.32 (6)
Sweet Volley High    2016-10-070.424.60 (44)