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This type of protagonist has a scary appearance, making normal people avoid him.

In a lot of cases, he is actually just a normal person, often even kindhearted, but due to his looks people around him will think he is some kind of delinquent or the like. Most of the time he will have very few or no friends at all at the beginning of the game and only people who will get close enough to him will understand his true self, be it good or bad.

On top of this his appearance may often create misunderstandings with other characters especially heroines, which might lead to one them being a Classic Tsundere toward the protagonist.

He might also be pretending to be what others think he is, or he might really be as bad a person as he looks, but what counts is his physical appearance, people must fear/think badly of him at first sight. Characters who are feared but not for their look or who take a frightful appearance on purpose do not count.

A very well known example of this kind of character would be Ryūji Takasu from the light novel Toradora!


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