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This type of hero shows childish violent behavior through the story. He hits the protagonist and others whenever he feels frustrated, not caring if they are to blame for anything.

These attacks can get extremely violent, but since they are considered a part of the comedy they don't cause any permanent harm.

This tag is for heroes that display violent outbursts in regular life. Do not use this tag for combat related situations. Also do not use this tag when the hero's violence toward the protagonist is seriously intended to be harmful, rather than overexaggerated for the sake of comedy.


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Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku.    2016-03-183.266.59 (289)
D.Grayman: Once Upon a Time  2009-07-300.085.00 (7)
Sweet Sucre  2008-03-250.035.26 (2)
Yougen Doumu  1993-04-130.035.27 (1)