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This game contains at least one sex scene where one of the characters uses a penis enhancer.

These kind of sexual toys, usually made in silicone, are used to enhance a person sexual performance by:
- enlarging the penis trying to achieve more diameter during the penetration
- extending the penis trying to achieve more length and penetration depth
- enhancing the penis since the surface of the toy is covered in dots and ribs trying to enhance woman pleasure during penetration

Do NOT use this tag for condoms, use g731 instead.

Example 1
Example 2

Sexual content

Penis Enlarger
Penis Extender
Penis Sleeves
Penis Sleeve Ring

Score Title Released Popularity Rating
Ochiru Hitozuma   2011-12-235.907.34 (459)
Kanojo wa Anal Dorei ~Fukushuu no Shiri Ana Sekkan~  2005-02-040.195.29 (11)
Lovedori Halation  2016-01-291.226.55 (68)
Netorarenai ~Aisuru Kanojo ga Musunda Midarana Keiyaku~  2016-11-251.166.64 (72)
Nyotai Kyouran 3 -Chaos Body-  2014-12-260.535.75 (33)