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Tag: Chuuni

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Chuuni is a genre where the absurd is normal and where concepts we would laugh off in real life are pursued with a seriousness that would seem absurd to the uninitiated.
This genre is generally characterized by one thing overall, which is the melodrama. Main characters in chuuni Visual Novels resurrect from the dead, become powerful overnight, and are inevitably somehow 'special', similiar to animes from the Shounen genre.

[From this post on Fuwa (link)]


Denied. A lot of the aspects described here can be seen with other tags, such as g1897 and many other fantasy tags, g824, etc. The one thing that may set Chuunige apart from other fantasy titles is the writing style (lots of purple prose), but that is highly subjective and some of the games you already tagged do not exemplify this. (e.g. v8213, which does not have a melodramatic style of writing or storytelling).


Shounen-Styled Visual Novel