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Protagonist of this game is subject of Shotaro complex, i.e. a pedophile with attraction to young or prepubescent boys. While there is some difference between these definitions in real life - there isn't inside visual novels (or in Japanese culture).

Do not use this tag for protagonists without considerable age difference between them and their sexual interests.

Do not use this tag for protagonist's behavior in some occasional shota hero's route. Use it only when this trait is constant or realization of such inclinations plays important role in the main plot of the game.


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Boku, Mou Dechau! ~Moteasobareta Sausage~  2013-01-200.165.46 (13)
Boku-tachi no Sei Kurabe  2014-05-190.165.55 (16)
Sobo to Boku ~Obaa-chan, Nanika Dechau yoo~   2017-03-101.425.69 (123)
Boku Kano 3 ~ Otoko no Ko o Suki ni Naru Jun'ai Triangle + 1   2011-02-100.195.54 (18)
Shota ni Itaru Yamai  2015-04-010.000.00 (0)