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This visual novel features BDSM scenes of some sort, anything from some light bondage to full blown sexual slavery. The one common factor is that all of it is fully consensual. No mind control, no super drugs, no magic, no blackmail, no raping into submission and so on, just two (or more) kinky people having some kinky fun.

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Score Title Released Popularity Rating
Tsundere Idol wa Boku Dake no M Pet ~Ippai Shitsukete Goshujin-sama no LOVE Seishi de Haramitaino♪~    2016-05-271.035.54 (101)
Cute Resort ~Shiyou yo♥ Ecchi na Activity~  2018-07-270.305.63 (13)
Koi Iro Marriage   2012-10-262.146.82 (117)
Cute Demon Crashers!       2015-08-153.626.50 (319)