Tag: Monster Society

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Tag: Monster Society

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The game takes place in a world inhabited by non-humanoid monsters living in a civilized and integrated into a sociable society.

This tag is to indicate if the game's setting features non-humanoid monsters or creatures living in a sociable manner. Do not mix this if the game contains demi-humans at a dominant or higher ratio such as Monster Girls, or humanoid animals like furries.


I have read the description a few times and still unsure how to use the tag. Are you suggesting to use it for VNs where monsters live secretly alongside humans in a Masquerade-like society? Most of the time such monsters will be humanoids, like vampires, werewolves or fairies. Or do you mean that monsters live in a harmonic society with humans? And why specifically non-humanoids? I haven't seen a single VN that would fit such a definition. This tag and the description cause more confusion than solve anything.
Frankly, we already have a g1897 tag. It's practically a synonym for everything you wanted (whatever that was).


World of monsters