Tag: Seductress Heroine

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Tag: Seductress Heroine

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One or more herones in this novel are trying to seduce the protagonist or arouse their lust outside of the sex scenes by employing provoking outfits, dirty talk, showing cleavage, spreading legs, etc.
Do not use it for any frivolous clothes or accidental peeping/flashing scenes - such actions should be deliberate on heroine's part.
Do not confuse it with flirtatious behaviour, where the protagonist is already in a relationship with the heroine who tries to fuel his lust as part of the sexual roleplay. Basically seductress is trying to conquer the protagonist and bend his will in favor of her goal - often against protagonist's intentions or moral code.


Denied. Look, I get what you were trying to do with this trait, the problem is that this is super context dependent and subjective. For every clear-cut case where this tag absolutely belongs, there'll be about a dozen where any heroine who is not the super-inexperienced, obviously virgin archetype would be tagged with this. This is one of those potential tags that while they could have some uses, the immense potential to be misused hell and back is too much for me to let it through.


Temptress Heroine
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