Tag: Non-Erotic Moral Corruption

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One of the themes in this visual novel is the moral erosion of some of its characters.

These characters usually start out as morally good, pure, innocent, etc. and over the course of the visual novel they lose their innocence and become jaded, turn into an anti-hero or a straight-up evil villain.

Note: This tag is exclusively for non-erotic moral corruption (as the name suggests). Please use Sexual Corruption for erotic corruption.


Non-Erotic Moral Corruption of Characters
Non-Erotic Corruption of Characters
Non-sexual Moral Corruption of Characters
Non-sexual Corruption of Characters
Fall from Grace
Moral Erosion

Score Title Released Popularity Rating
Demonion ~Maou no Chika Yousai~      2012-04-272.196.74 (145)
Steam Prison    2016-12-161.216.82 (98)