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Tags > Theme > Other Elements > Pregnancy > Birth > Monster Birth > Bred by Monsters
Tags > Theme > Other Elements > Monsters > Monster Birth > Bred by Monsters

Games featuring this tag involve characters, usually females, being used or captured for breeding purposes, usually by monsters, tentacles and non-humanoids.

The difference major with monster birth category is that, while monster birth maybe an unintended outcome of monster sex or rape, the goal of naedoko involves impregnation of the characters as well as the raising of monsters. Furthermore, the characters are usually kept in specific areas for longer periods of time for this purpose. Also, for breeding purposes, it may involve body-modification, transformation, corruption, mind control, or mind break,

It maybe consensual or not. It usually involves tentacle sex, vore, and meat-wall related categories.

Games such as the Venus Blood series incorporate this as their game mechanism for producing armies or units.

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