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Netorare (寝取られ) is a sexual fetish designed to cause sexual jealousy by way of having the heroine indulge in sexual activity with someone other than the protagonist. This inevitably happens in this visual novel, regardless of your potential decisions.

For a game to be classified as Netorare the following conditions must be met:
1. The heroine either must be romantically involved with the protagonist, a potential romance for him or of someone that the protagonist shares such a close relationship (sister, mother, osananajimi etc.) that jealousy is a factor.

2. Related sexual events are explicitly shown to the player or later described in detail.

This does not include relationships of heroines that are outside the route you follow. Explanation: Route 1 is for Heroine A, the protagonist is romantically involved with her. During that route, if she sleeps with other characters than the protagonist, it would be NTR. But during Route 2, which is about Heroine B, where the protagonist has no romantic relationship with Heroine A, her having sex with others wouldn't count as NTR.

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