Tag: Disembodied Sex

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Tag: Disembodied Sex

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This game features sex with characters that have body parts detached from the rest of the main body, be it by surgical procedure, or by means of magic (ex. a Dullahan).

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Rejected, at least for now. There are many things wrong with this tag, not the least of which is the title. "Disembodied Sex' is literally sex with a ghost, i.e. someone who doesn't have a corporeal body. Any other title should be used, but this. The description is also unclear and muddled. Should, according to you, the tag be used only when the detached body parts are still viable (they are still alive and for example the head does one thing, while the arms act independently), or should the tag also apply in a more realistic scenario, where the victim is dismembered, and someone has sex with them, while their body parts are lying around? These are actually completely different things and shouldn't be crammed into a single tag. If you want the approval of the tag, you need to rewrite both the title and the description in order to make it more precise.

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