Tag: Homeless Puppy Heroine

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Tag: Homeless Puppy Heroine

Tags > Theme > Other Elements > Homeless Puppy Heroine
Tags > Theme > Homeless Puppy Heroine

A helpless female that doesn't have a place to stay is offered one by the protagonist by the start of the story. The progagonist taking care of the homeless female is a plot device and should not be confused with simply living under the same roof.

Most commonly, the female is a non-human heroine such as a robot heroine, goddess heroine, vampire heroine, nekomimi heroine, alien heroine, etc. that shows up out of nowhere and the protagonist, usually out of either pity or the heroine's efforts, decides to take her in. It is very common for the homeless puppy heroine to be naive about everyday, modern living, creating difficulty living together, as a result.


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