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Heroine of this visual novel has an overall feminine body, however they do not possess a vagina, instead they have a penis (testicles are optional). Additionally, the heroine was not born as male - they got their male genitalia in some other way.

This type of character is most common in various fantasy and sci-fi works, and in the works of those who are not clear about the definition of a futanari, and hence create overall feminine characters with only the male genitals.

Note that this tag does NOT deal with transitioning and gender identity. This is simply a body tag.

Do NOT use this tag for visual novels with heroines who have both a female and a male set of genitals, use Futanari Heroine instead.


Newhalf (Not Born Male) Heroine
Newhalf Not Born Male Heroine
Shemale (Not Born Male) Heroine
Shemale Not Born Male Heroine

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