Tag: Full Body POV w/ Face Closeup

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Tag: Full Body POV w/ Face Closeup

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The game contains at least one Full Body POV w/ Face Closeup scene.

This is when a scene is shot from a character's (Character A's) POV perspective, where another character's (Character B's) face is closeup-- i.e., is the primary object in the foreground of the shot-- AND where Character A's full body and/or Character B's full body (or near-full body) extends toward the background of the shot and is visible.

Implementations of this type of perspective usually include, but are not limited to, handjobs and cowgirl sex.

These types of scenes typically involve eye contact, but this is not required.

These scenes provide an enhanced sense of realism and intimacy, with their incorporation of depth perception

NSFW Example 1: link

NSFW Example 2: link

NSFW Example 3: link

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