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Similar to its parent-tag with the exception that these powering-up situations occur multiple times in a single combat.

Battles/conflicts in the game tend to be solved, rather than by skill, wit, equipment or pre-existing factors, by willpower or such, allowing characters to pass their limits as many times higher and higher as the situation requires.
A mortal blow is not the end, it's a chance to power up to infinity. Typically anger and proximity (or actuality) of death only strengthen the characters, allowing them to draw out unfathomable power.
Battles employing this plot device can typically always end either way, since there are objectively virtually no restrictions on the number of times you can power up with yet another attack more powerful than the last one you took.

For example:
As the hero gets beaten by the story's archvillain, he remembers a move his kung fu master taught him and uses it to take down his adversary.
The archvillain, baffled by this situation, gets angrier and turns into a demon which in turn beats down the hero.
Hero gets a sudden blessing from his dead-childhood-friend-turn-angel and blasts the demon with holy fire.
In response to that the demon-archvillain grabs a mecha, that was conveniently lying where he fell (or summons one out of thin air), and fuses with it to become an archvillain-demon-mecha and disintegrates the hero with laser beams.
Following this the hero has a long scene about his past, friends, family, etc., which somehow renews his will and rouses him back from the dead as a super-human-angel-blessed-kung-fu guy and...

In short something like this good old metallic knights movie.


Infinite Power-ups
Infinite Power Levels

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