Tag: Animated Sprites

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Tag: Animated Sprites

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Character sprites in this vn (do not mix with sprites in gameplay parts if those exists -- only ADV parts counts) are animated (eyes blinking/mouthflaps). Do not mix with typical changes of facial expressions/poses.

I know that such tag was deleted (link) BUT since I do not see any way to search vn's with this feature -- I do not think that mysterious "format section changes" can justify deleting it. Besides this in format section -- "some scenes fully animated" which many vn's has since usually it refers to animated op/ed -- do not convey whether common adv parts of this vn animated or not.

denied: check d3.3
"With Simple animations, we refer to (usually looping) effects like falling leaves or snow in the background or animated facial expressions like blinking eyes and a moving mouth."


Animated Paperdolls