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r81225.22021-08-05 at 12:21hiraryDies iraeThis is not a collaboration anymore.
s20190.32021-08-05 at 12:01melticeAmatsuka MaoAdd alias.
v31854.32021-08-05 at 11:02qpoNatsuno Kanataalias link
r81900.32021-08-05 at 10:58qpoNatsuno KanataFrom Steam store page: "In the Early Access version, you can only play the first half of the scenario. The quality of the first half of the recorded
v6626.112021-08-05 at 10:48ttmOku-sama wa Onee-chan!?This is not Sequel but an improved and remade version of "Oku-sama wa Onee-chan!?".
c59452.52021-08-05 at 10:34ttmSakagami YukariAdd traits
v26500.132021-08-05 at 10:13username15903I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulatorimg
c569.542021-08-05 at 09:53naiohorasSakaki Yumikoflashback
r81908.12021-08-05 at 09:46printerdesuIjikurare Tsuma Rumi ~Saiai no Tsuma ga Shiirareru Midarana Arbeit~ Download ...Copied from r80955.6
r80955.62021-08-05 at 09:46printerdesuIjikurare Tsuma Rumi ~Saiai no Tsuma ga Shiirareru Midarana Arbeit~ Package E...ed
r80955.52021-08-05 at 09:40printerdesuIjikurare Tsuma Rumi ~Saiai no Tsuma ga Shiirareru Midarana Arbeit~ed
c85276.152021-08-05 at 09:28acereishikiShirafuji Yuna+1
c63714.62021-08-05 at 08:51acereishikiIkaruga Kazuha+1
r6878.42021-08-05 at 08:49eacilRipples ~kvapky na hladine~website updated
p761.42021-08-05 at 08:48eacilATP Projectswebsite updated
r81907.12021-08-05 at 08:44filipvSakura Succubus 4Switch Release added:
c91242.92021-08-05 at 08:14moyangIchinose Suzukaadding trait
r81906.12021-08-05 at 08:04username15903Keyi Lianai Dan Mei Biyaoadd release
r81905.12021-08-05 at 08:02username15903Keyi Lianai Dan Mei BiyaoRelease date from: link
v31856.12021-08-05 at 07:51username15903Keyi Lianai Dan Mei Biyaoadd vn
v9857.172021-08-05 at 07:23username15903Youseiimg
v6239.182021-08-05 at 07:14username15903Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokuretsuimg
c98173.52021-08-05 at 07:08isalkerenOgiyama AoiCup size information, however, the official profile said it may be even bigger.
v13989.182021-08-05 at 06:55username15903Golden Time: Vivid Memoriesimg
c46202.102021-08-05 at 06:48ouma91Sakurai Honamiadded traits
r81904.12021-08-05 at 06:48ezezinJust-A-CrushAdded release for v31855.
r81903.12021-08-05 at 06:48ezezinJust-A-CrushAdded release for v31855.
v28646.112021-08-05 at 06:46username15903Clearworldimg
p12237.12021-08-05 at 06:45ezezinFoxpancakesAdded developer for v31855.
v31855.12021-08-05 at 06:37ezezinJust-A-CrushAdded visual novel. Sources:, Game Jam and Twitter.
c91244.92021-08-05 at 06:30moyangDoramiadding traits
r81902.12021-08-05 at 06:30username15903Shimizu Sanchi no VocaloidAdd release. Release date from official website.
s24273.12021-08-05 at 06:29ezezinRental SoundAdded staff. Romanization according to t8242.676
s24272.12021-08-05 at 06:29ezezinJavier SuarezAdded staff. I found enough information for a wikidata entry, so I will create it tomorrow.
s24271.12021-08-05 at 06:29ezezinBasilAdded staff.
s24270.12021-08-05 at 06:29ezezinFoxpancakesAdded staff.
v30628.162021-08-05 at 06:06707Tears of Themisonly used ss from ch 1 for story related ones to avoid spoiler
s5461.32021-08-05 at 05:43esswordTsukishima YukoNew homepage URL.
c98776.52021-08-05 at 05:26historyeraserNenefuck
v25170.92021-08-05 at 05:22melticeNekoMikoAdd scenario.
s7849.22021-08-05 at 05:20melticeAsari Yonaoriginal voice actress named Momokawa Haruka is Sasaki Mikoi.Now I write a new staff who is a scenarist.
v1114.122021-08-05 at 05:12jazz957Ningyou no Yakata ~Inmu ni Dakereta Maid-tachi~oops
v1114.112021-08-05 at 05:12jazz957Ningyou no Yakata ~Inmu ni Dakereta Maid-tachi~staff
r68728.22021-08-05 at 05:12lunaterraOne-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Partyinfo
v28731.202021-08-05 at 05:09jazz957Mama x Holic ~Miwaku no Mama to Ama Ama Kankei~staff
s24269.12021-08-05 at 05:01jazz957Abemori Haruakiadd
r81901.32021-08-05 at 04:46trickzzterSwimmer AdmirationNot sure about release date, most likely will be releases simultaneously with Steam release.
v1114.102021-08-05 at 04:44jazz957Ningyou no Yakata ~Inmu ni Dakereta Maid-tachi~staff
r81901.22021-08-05 at 04:43trickzzterSwimmer AdmirationNot free, pre-order is available at
r77947.32021-08-05 at 04:43trickzzterSwimmer AdmirationNot free, pre-order is available at