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r26694.42022-05-21 at 00:454digitmenLamento Treasure Disc V2Not official and not sanctioned as far as I know.
r4429.112022-05-21 at 00:454digitmenLamento Treasure DiscNot official and not sanctioned as far as I know.
r91332.22022-05-21 at 00:38lunaterraQuaint DEMOinfo
c108906.22022-05-21 at 00:30KrisGodFreyaTraits
c108884.22022-05-21 at 00:29KrisGodNaomiTraits
c108886.22022-05-21 at 00:28KrisGodKlaraTraits
c108885.22022-05-21 at 00:28KrisGodSkyTraits
c108896.22022-05-21 at 00:27KrisGodJessTraits
c108892.22022-05-21 at 00:26KrisGodEmmaTraits
c108890.22022-05-21 at 00:25KrisGodAineTraits
c108887.22022-05-21 at 00:25KrisGodLilyTraits
c39519.42022-05-21 at 00:24urmomKikuchiyo+3 traits
r91512.32022-05-21 at 00:18lunaterraOur Fate Forsaken - Demoinfo
c108918.22022-05-21 at 00:07urmomIppon'yari DaichiImage, +1 trait
r91514.12022-05-20 at 23:39lunaterraKomorebi - Chapter 1Copied from r89154.2
r31807.62022-05-20 at 23:39urmomTeasobiDMM, getchu
c108918.12022-05-20 at 23:25urmomIppon'yari DaichiCharacter link
v5054.82022-05-20 at 23:14wakaranaiYakin Byoutou ~Tokubetsu-ban~cast
c108917.12022-05-20 at 23:03KrisGodScottAdding a character
c101132.52022-05-20 at 22:51theonlylampshadKiyozumi SataEdit trait
c96744.22022-05-20 at 22:49theonlylampshad35Adding trait
p14246.22022-05-20 at 22:47EzezinSvengali ProductionsNot linked to any visual novels.
r91181.32022-05-20 at 22:47EzezinBonds of Blood v1.03 BetaNot a visual novel. It's a RPG with some raising sim elements.
v35847.22022-05-20 at 22:47EzezinBonds of BloodNot a visual novel. It's a RPG with some raising sim elements.
c1054.152022-05-20 at 22:41wakaranaiShinjou Remifd
c1055.222022-05-20 at 22:40wakaranaiKodama Hikarufd
c1058.152022-05-20 at 22:39wakaranaiJinguuji Narumifd
c1056.212022-05-20 at 22:39wakaranaiFujisawa Akofd
r91513.12022-05-20 at 22:26lunaterraOur Fate ForsakenCopied from r89114.2
r35067.22022-05-20 at 22:26IlecaShiosai no Himei - Download Editionwebsite
r11916.62022-05-20 at 22:26IlecaShiosai no Himeiwebsite
r91512.22022-05-20 at 22:26lunaterraOur Fate Forsaken - Demo..
r91512.12022-05-20 at 22:25lunaterraOur Fate Forsaken - DemoCopied from r89114.2
r89114.22022-05-20 at 22:24lunaterraOur Fate Forsaken - Yaoi BL Visual Novelreleased
v35559.22022-05-20 at 22:24amarettaLaskovyj dozhd'title fix
c108916.12022-05-20 at 22:24KrisGodKanaAdding a character
c108914.22022-05-20 at 22:23wakaranaiMaidsizes
v7729.72022-05-20 at 22:22wakaranaiKyoukan ~Eien no Inochi o Motome~music credit
c73977.22022-05-20 at 22:21anaajimuraHimukai Akiraupdating
r15508.42022-05-20 at 22:20wakaranaiKyoukan ~Eien no Inochi o Motome~format
c108915.22022-05-20 at 22:20wakaranaiYoshinotraits
c108915.12022-05-20 at 22:19wakaranaiYoshinonew char
c108914.12022-05-20 at 22:17wakaranaiMaidnew char
c108913.12022-05-20 at 22:15wakaranaiYamamoto Sakinew char
c108912.12022-05-20 at 22:11wakaranaiKawai Miwanew char
r91508.32022-05-20 at 22:08amyshySugar Sweet TemptationI've just noticed that usually english versions of original VNs don't have original developers listed, just the publisher.
r91199.22022-05-20 at 22:08EzezinIyarashi Kurashi ~Relief Doll~ - Trial EditionChanged website.
c108911.12022-05-20 at 22:08wakaranaiHiiragi Hotarunew char
r88476.52022-05-20 at 22:05IlecaOtosareta Hitozuma Mei - Haitoku no Kairaku ni Honrousare, Saiaizuma wa Midar...title/sub separator
v34446.132022-05-20 at 22:04IlecaOtosareta Hitozuma Mei - Haitoku no Kairaku ni Honrousare, Saiaizuma wa least the title/subtitle should be separated instead of having this big blob of text; don't know what to do with ・ as it flows well without