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v4827.172021-10-19 at 03:33niniusNatsu no Kotou no Yami no Koedesc
v32421.32021-10-19 at 03:21lunaterraThe Case of the Serialized Killerrelations, screenshots
r83952.12021-10-19 at 02:27eacilMugen no Sakura ~Hitsuya-hime Injoku Youshokutan~ Scenes Append Patchpatch
r83509.32021-10-19 at 02:27lunaterraThe Case of the Serialized Killerinfo
c17147.192021-10-19 at 02:18nano201102Minato Kageakiadded a few spoiler traits
c17148.222021-10-19 at 02:17nano201102Ayane Ichijouadded a couple more spoiler traits
v4289.102021-10-19 at 02:11eggcistencial-dKuro to Kuro to Kuro no Saidan ~Kodoku~seeing a fair share of ppl using this alias
c17148.212021-10-19 at 02:09nano201102Ayane IchijouAdded a few spoiler traits that apply to her
r83929.32021-10-19 at 01:29melticeWojia Daxiaojie Budong Yaoguai de ChangshiFixed.
c8064.32021-10-19 at 01:08eiesoldarTokino IchigoHas a route
r8186.42021-10-19 at 01:07eiesoldarKizumono no Gakuen - Regular EditionAdditional info
r8185.52021-10-19 at 01:06eiesoldarKizumono no Gakuen - First Press EditionAdditional info
c100621.42021-10-19 at 01:04niniusBeth Lindsay+1
c100623.42021-10-19 at 00:36rainiiShelbyEdited traits.
c100627.12021-10-19 at 00:35rainiiLucyAdded Lucy.
c100626.12021-10-19 at 00:30rainiiEmmaAdded Emma.
v8544.82021-10-19 at 00:29eiesoldarImagination LoveLength, more screenshots
c100624.32021-10-19 at 00:24rainiiLillyAdded trait.
c100625.12021-10-19 at 00:23rainiiAbigailAdded Abigail.
c100624.22021-10-19 at 00:18rainiiLillyAdded trait.
c100624.12021-10-19 at 00:16rainiiLillyAdded Lilly.
c100622.22021-10-19 at 00:11omikronPrincipalAdded traits
c100623.32021-10-19 at 00:11rainiiShelbyEdited traits and added bio.
c100623.22021-10-19 at 00:07rainiiShelbyEdited traits.
c100623.12021-10-19 at 00:05rainiiShelby SeraphineAdded Shelby.
c100622.12021-10-19 at 00:02omikronPrincipalHe wasn't added before. Now his is.
c100619.22021-10-18 at 23:53niniusSam Lindsay+3
c36022.222021-10-18 at 23:52omikronKouzuki IoJust as Himari, she, too, breaks up with the MC.
r83764.22021-10-18 at 23:46rainiiMaid CaféRemoved Mac release.
p11860.72021-10-18 at 23:41rainiiRiver Crow StudioEdited alias.
r31737.22021-10-18 at 23:34niniusBAAAD SCOREspace
v14404.32021-10-18 at 23:34niniusBaaad Scoretitle
v32552.22021-10-18 at 23:29rainiiSyntactic SugarAdded the voice cast and edited staff.
s24839.12021-10-18 at 23:28rainiiShelley HunterAdded a voice actress.
c100621.32021-10-18 at 23:27niniusBeth Lindsay+9
r83951.22021-10-18 at 23:23rainiiSyntactic SugarMade it official.
r83951.12021-10-18 at 23:23rainiiSyntactic SugarAdded release for demo.
v11607.72021-10-18 at 23:22eiesoldarVampire Tokyo e IkuLength, 10 screenshots
c100617.32021-10-18 at 23:18rainiiHisakawa ShizukiAdded clothing.
c100618.32021-10-18 at 23:18rainiiSekiguchi JunkoAdded clothing.
c100621.22021-10-18 at 23:17niniusBeth Lindsay+1
c100617.22021-10-18 at 23:15rainiiHisakawa ShizukiEdited name.
c100618.22021-10-18 at 23:15rainiiSekiguchi JunkoEdited name.
c100620.22021-10-18 at 23:15rainiiTakamachi KaoriEdited name and alias.
c100621.12021-10-18 at 23:14niniusBeth Lindsayadd
c100620.12021-10-18 at 23:13rainiiKaori TakamachiAdded Kaori.
c100619.12021-10-18 at 23:12niniusSam Lindsayadd
c100618.12021-10-18 at 23:10rainiiJunko SekiguchiAdded Junko.
c100617.12021-10-18 at 23:07rainiiShizuki HisakawaAdded Shizuki.
r13689.22021-10-18 at 23:01historyeraserSilent Hill: Play Novel - Translation of Cybil's ScenarioNot a patch