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c126954.12023-06-05 at 01:05sakuragawaIvan Chernenkovadd character source: official website for 王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss
c126952.22023-06-05 at 00:55KrisGodRenaImage + traits
c126938.22023-06-05 at 00:54KrisGodGloriaImage
c126953.12023-06-05 at 00:52sakuragawaKevin Alfordadd character source: official website for 王子様のプロポーズ Eternal Kiss
c126937.22023-06-05 at 00:52KrisGodHaruImage + traits
c126919.32023-06-05 at 00:51KrisGodSaraImage + traits
c126921.32023-06-05 at 00:44KrisGodAliceImage
c126934.22023-06-05 at 00:43KrisGodEriImage + trait
c126935.22023-06-05 at 00:42KrisGodRinImage + trait
c126920.32023-06-05 at 00:38KrisGodHanaImage
c126918.32023-06-05 at 00:35KrisGodAiImage + traits
c44772.242023-06-05 at 00:09DAYSKurama Koharubody/kid
r47297.42023-06-04 at 23:59carri-mihomeChildren of the GateCorrected resolution (it stretches to fit but the assets are the same as in the Ren'py version). 1281x1158 is the size of the first scrolling CG.
r91937.52023-06-04 at 23:46MidiruReboot Love Part 2 v2.6.7update
r97970.22023-06-04 at 23:13bassttarkThe InternLink and info
c126952.12023-06-04 at 23:11KrisGodRenaAdding a character
c126951.12023-06-04 at 23:11KrisGodHinaAdding a character
c126950.12023-06-04 at 23:11KrisGodMitsukiAdding a character
c126949.12023-06-04 at 23:10KrisGodAnnaAdding a character
c126948.12023-06-04 at 23:10KrisGodVioletAdding a character
c126947.12023-06-04 at 23:10KrisGodShihoruAdding a character
c126946.12023-06-04 at 23:09KrisGodGuardianAdding a character
c126945.12023-06-04 at 23:08KrisGodEri's MomAdding a character
c126944.12023-06-04 at 23:08KrisGodShrine MaidenAdding a character
c126943.12023-06-04 at 23:08KrisGodSakuraAdding a character
c126942.12023-06-04 at 23:07KrisGodChloeAdding a character
c126919.22023-06-04 at 23:07KrisGodSaraTraits
c126941.12023-06-04 at 23:07KrisGodYukiAdding a character
c126940.12023-06-04 at 23:07KrisGodHiroAdding a character
c126939.12023-06-04 at 23:06KrisGodGrampsAdding a character
c126938.12023-06-04 at 23:06KrisGodGloriaAdding a character
c126921.22023-06-04 at 23:06KrisGodAliceTraits
c126917.22023-06-04 at 23:05KrisGodLustTraits
c126937.12023-06-04 at 23:05KrisGodHaruAdding a character
c126936.12023-06-04 at 23:05KrisGodWrathAdding a character
c126935.12023-06-04 at 23:05KrisGodRinAdding a character
c126934.12023-06-04 at 23:04KrisGodEriAdding a character
c126918.22023-06-04 at 23:03KrisGodAiTraits
c126920.22023-06-04 at 23:02KrisGodHanaTraits
r108149.62023-06-04 at 22:41c2kOnii♥Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s My Kiss? - Re-releasestill haven't released the game since they didn't give an update
r103664.62023-06-04 at 22:02fuckPerfect Housewife v2305update
r102540.42023-06-04 at 22:00fuckLjbov', Gordost', Predatel'stvo: Episodes 1-6update
r108575.12023-06-04 at 21:56fuckShooting Star v1.0translated
r84728.92023-06-04 at 21:56PatronaThe Pillagers of RailloreAdd new info.
r47519.622023-06-04 at 21:55PatronaSona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows -What Beautiful Memories-Add new info.
r108049.32023-06-04 at 21:53fuckFei Zakata v0.03update
r102343.22023-06-04 at 21:52fuckNovaja Zemlja: Chapter 1 (v0.14) + Chapter 2 (Final)update
r105798.42023-06-04 at 21:48fuckZhizn' Kimberli [v0.5]update
c104178.82023-06-04 at 21:47ayocuhMeisalink
v7195.72023-06-04 at 21:47wezyweriuszSEVEN -Sympathy for the Fairies-+screenshots