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r38857.82018-12-13 at 18:04beliarHonto no Kimochires
s13974.22018-12-13 at 18:02beliarMomochi Rukat2108.2608
r57389.32018-12-13 at 18:01beliarUtawarerumono Zandoesn't appear to be a vn
v23191.62018-12-13 at 18:00beliarUtawarerumono ZanDoesn't appear to be a visual novel, but rather a hack'n'slash game link
v23466.82018-12-13 at 17:49traumatizerKotonoha Maichiru Natsu no Koe-1
v21121.182018-12-13 at 17:47traumatizerArui wa Koi to Iu Na no Mahoualias
r60998.12018-12-13 at 17:45akisigureWaka-sama no Zasuru Sekairelease.
v24558.82018-12-13 at 17:43traumatizerAmayakashi na Kanojo ~Boseiteki na Ayakashi Musume to Ama Ero Seikatsu Hajime...alias
v24650.62018-12-13 at 17:43traumatizerSakura Iro, Mau Koro nialias
r60997.12018-12-13 at 17:42akisigureWaka-sama no Zasuru Sekai - Trialtrial.
s610.62018-12-13 at 17:41traumatizerSanada Akanealias
v24870.12018-12-13 at 17:38akisigureWaka-sama no Zasuru Sekainew game.
c17967.112018-12-13 at 17:38batooTakahata Chiharu+1
v6245.642018-12-13 at 17:33traumatizerMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! Sremoved credit for cookie 4 since she's another instance
r60996.22018-12-13 at 17:15gvbnSummer☆Salt ~Dai Sanwa~details
r60996.12018-12-13 at 17:14gvbnSummer☆Salt ~Dai Sanwa~3rd
c1871.252018-12-13 at 17:12traumatizerSasasegawa Sasamispecific club
r60995.12018-12-13 at 17:11gvbnSummer☆Salt ~Dai Niwa~2nd part
c193.142018-12-13 at 17:10traumatizerInohara Masatospacing
c17967.102018-12-13 at 17:10batooTakahata Chiharusaid in narration before her first time
c192.292018-12-13 at 17:08traumatizerNaoe Rikikanji spacing + narcolepsy
r60994.12018-12-13 at 16:59beliarEcchi Sensei - Day 5 - Dark Mind EditionNew release based on r59599.2
c64264.102018-12-13 at 16:58batooEda Ichioby ayano
r60993.12018-12-13 at 16:58beliarEcchi Sensei - Day 5New release based on r59099.2
c78129.22018-12-13 at 16:56terios121Aril...
c78129.12018-12-13 at 16:56terios121ArilAdded support character (Feel free to edit in case.)
c64264.92018-12-13 at 16:53batooEda Ichio+1
c17969.82018-12-13 at 16:53batooKajiya Ayano+1
c17970.92018-12-13 at 16:53batooMiyamae Eri+1
c17968.142018-12-13 at 16:52batooNagatsuda Yumi+1
c17967.92018-12-13 at 16:52batooTakahata Chiharu+2
c78127.42018-12-13 at 16:46gvbnChisenew pic
r60992.12018-12-13 at 16:46beliarHaitoku to Yokubou no ma de ~Tsumi ni Nureru Onna~release
c78128.12018-12-13 at 16:46terios121CracksAdded side Character (Feel free to edit in case.)
v24684.22018-12-13 at 16:45beliarHaitoku to Yokubou no ma de ~Tsumi ni Nureru Onna~That's a reading aid. For some reason DMM includes it in the title, but you'll notice that the official site doesn't. Though the rest of the title
s9050.42018-12-13 at 16:34beliarNikushoReverted to revision s9050.2 The romanization system used by the member of the staff in question is largely irrelevant. Our db uses modified Hepburn
s3475.32018-12-13 at 16:23beliarHazukiReverted to revision s3475.1 The romanization system used by the member of the staff in question is largely irrelevant. Our db uses modified Hepburn
r11970.42018-12-13 at 16:15beliarAlice Syndrome 1 - DVDPGt2108.2604
r11919.32018-12-13 at 16:15beliarAlice Syndrome 1t2108.2604
v6076.72018-12-13 at 16:14beliarAlice Syndrome 1Not a VN? t2108.2604
s17663.22018-12-13 at 16:11beliarNarumi Shuujiduplicate entry
s17623.22018-12-13 at 16:10beliarCarefreeduplicate of s14281
c17969.72018-12-13 at 16:07batooKajiya Ayano+1
c17967.82018-12-13 at 16:07batooTakahata Chiharu+1
v18773.382018-12-13 at 16:06beliarBloody Chroniclesscreens got lost
r45880.72018-12-13 at 16:05beliarBloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death - R18 Patchnot out
r44281.122018-12-13 at 16:05beliarBloody Chronicles Act 1: New Cycle of Death - Download Editionseems obsolete now
r56396.42018-12-13 at 16:04beliarBloody Chronicles Act 1: New Cycle of Death - Early Accessearly access
r60435.42018-12-13 at 15:49delusionparadoxRobotics;Notes - Value Setlink
v18655.42018-12-13 at 14:36gvbnShikiyoku no Komari Sou ~Chise Hen~approx length