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c26919.92019-02-18 at 20:44animedubamericaShishidou ChihiroWe already know he's a guy, so no spoilers to both of them.
c46331.62019-02-18 at 20:38animedubamericaTakayanagi Misao+1
c62245.42019-02-18 at 20:33animedubamericaTsubaki..
c37383.42019-02-18 at 20:32animedubamericaUsami TsukasaWe already know he's male. So no major spoilers to "trap" and "Cross-dressing".
c71655.82019-02-18 at 20:31animedubamericaXiao KeOops
c71655.72019-02-18 at 20:30animedubamericaXiao KeWell duh
c48971.32019-02-18 at 20:28animedubamericaYoukoIf we already know he's male, then "trap" isn't a spoiler.
c53656.102019-02-18 at 20:25skorpiondeathAkiyama Rinkotraits
c66560.32019-02-18 at 20:10skorpiondeathKoukawa Oborotraits
v1831.82019-02-18 at 19:44savagetigerAzraeldesc from link
c30238.62019-02-18 at 19:35skorpiondeathRebecca Silkytraits
c24434.42019-02-18 at 18:47shinnewTennouji AyaImage.
c24438.42019-02-18 at 18:46shinnewSenri MaoImage.
c24433.42019-02-18 at 18:45shinnewSenbayashi AkiImage.
c24435.32019-02-18 at 18:44shinnewNagai KotokoImage.
c24432.32019-02-18 at 18:43shinnewKitahama ShinobuImage.
c24436.32019-02-18 at 18:43shinnewKagaya SatokoImage.
c24437.32019-02-18 at 18:42shinnewIkoma SaoriImage.
v8832.142019-02-18 at 18:40shinnewHiganbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ni YaNo need to repeat the title just to link to it.
s17986.22019-02-18 at 18:39shinnewHimukai YuujiWikipedia, AniDB.
s17987.22019-02-18 at 18:37shinnewYoshihara MaitoName, gender, site, twitter. link "芳原舞人(よしはらまいと)" link "性別男性"
v9124.502019-02-18 at 18:35shinnewHatsukoi 1/1Cast. link link
c80006.62019-02-18 at 18:33shinnewNagumo KiyokoOriginal name. link link
c80007.32019-02-18 at 18:32shinnewMakabe ShuujiOriginal name. link link
v1832.112019-02-18 at 18:27shinnew501Wrong staff. link Also removed the parts of the description that are irrelevant to this entry. This entry is for 501, Azrael and Sweet Legacy have
s17985.22019-02-18 at 18:23shinnewInui WaonName order.
v25360.32019-02-18 at 16:48terios121Custom Cute ~Ore to Kanojo no Ikusei Battle!~Staff role. (I could not find any related link for these guys who worked as artists/scenario writers, but that's ok.)
s18100.12019-02-18 at 16:47terios121Gin Sekaistaff.
c80697.12019-02-18 at 16:46orikanekoiLazarusadd
s18099.12019-02-18 at 16:46terios121Deroderostaff.
c80696.12019-02-18 at 16:45orikanekoiAnnaadd
s18098.12019-02-18 at 16:45terios121Saiten no ToriStaff. (Cannot find any related link., I Bet this is a newcomer/newbie.)
c80695.12019-02-18 at 16:45orikanekoiGirladd
c80694.12019-02-18 at 16:44orikanekoiIosifadd
s18097.12019-02-18 at 16:44terios121Nanami HiroStaff i think.
v25361.32019-02-18 at 16:43orikanekoiDaiku no Mediumes
v25361.22019-02-18 at 16:42orikanekoiDaiku no Mediumscr
r62316.12019-02-18 at 16:41orikanekoiDaiku no Mediumadd
v25361.12019-02-18 at 16:39orikanekoiDaiku no Mediumadd
r50829.292019-02-18 at 16:38beliarThe Fate of Irnia v0.48update
s18096.12019-02-18 at 16:38orikanekoiNikita Kryukovadd
v25360.22019-02-18 at 16:38terios121Custom Cute ~Ore to Kanojo no Ikusei Battle!~Cap. (Leave "cute" for release title.)
r62315.12019-02-18 at 16:37terios121Custom cute ~Ore to Kanojo no Ikusei Battle!~Release. (More info coming soon until there is site for it.)
r58435.22019-02-18 at 16:35beliarBabysitter - Restoration Patchlink
r53496.102019-02-18 at 16:35beliarBabysitter v0.1.8update
v25360.12019-02-18 at 16:35terios121Custom cute ~Ore to Kanojo no Ikusei Battle!~Added debut title from a newbie game brand. (Staff coming soon anyway.)
p8882.12019-02-18 at 16:32terios121Momoiro PocketAdded brand new game producer.
v20526.142019-02-18 at 16:31redextremeMonmusuNSFW
v20526.132019-02-18 at 16:31redextremeMonmusuScreenshot native from game. '-'
r55790.52019-02-18 at 16:30beliarLife with Mary v0.55update