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c46600.52018-12-15 at 03:16wakaranaiKyaroimg, role
c46599.42018-12-15 at 03:15wakaranaiShindou Elenaimg, traits
c893.172018-12-15 at 02:48dk382Yukishiro Maydescription fix
c893.162018-12-15 at 02:37dk382Yukishiro MayHer name is not Japanese, and is meant to be read "May," hence the katakana. link
r58726.22018-12-15 at 02:32trickzzterThe cursed loveRemoved link
v23840.32018-12-15 at 02:30trickzzterThe Cursed Loveremoved
c78176.12018-12-15 at 01:49wakaranaiShinjinew char
c78175.12018-12-15 at 01:48wakaranaiSaranew char
c78174.12018-12-15 at 01:47wakaranaiKudounew char
c78173.12018-12-15 at 01:46wakaranaiTomokanew char
r58559.82018-12-15 at 01:46marantanaFxxx Me Royally! - Horny Magical Princesslink
c78172.12018-12-15 at 01:45wakaranaiMisanew char
v23431.42018-12-15 at 01:39terios121Cross to Bear...
v23431.32018-12-15 at 01:13wakaranaiCross to BearVA
c61424.42018-12-15 at 01:13wakaranaiMorishita Rimuadded v23431
c21829.32018-12-15 at 00:26gregorySchoolboy aVoice
c38833.22018-12-15 at 00:18gregoryShitara SuguruVoice
c48112.22018-12-15 at 00:17gregoryNanami SousukeVoice
c10243.52018-12-15 at 00:15gregoryYotsuya KoujiClub
v18623.42018-12-15 at 00:14wakaranaiGoshujin-sama wa Watashi no Monocast
c10274.32018-12-15 at 00:13gregorySakaki TakumiVoice
c78171.12018-12-15 at 00:13wakaranaiAkutsu Saayanew char
c77032.22018-12-15 at 00:12gregoryAyabeniVoice
c78170.12018-12-15 at 00:11wakaranaiKagura Rionew char
c56504.32018-12-15 at 00:11gregoryHanashiroVoice
c25906.72018-12-15 at 00:10gregoryHonami YousukeVoice
c78169.12018-12-15 at 00:04krykryOribe Kazukiasd
c25906.62018-12-15 at 00:01savagetigerHonami Yousuketrait
c64151.92018-12-14 at 23:43gregoryJoseph ChristiansenClothing
v22537.52018-12-14 at 23:03beliarKioku no Zanzoustaff, cast
c78168.12018-12-14 at 22:55beliarChildchar
c78167.12018-12-14 at 22:54beliarFatherchar
c78166.12018-12-14 at 22:52beliarMotherchar
v50.452018-12-14 at 22:51perverseFate/Hollow AtaraxiaReplaced some of the screenshots.
c76808.42018-12-14 at 22:51beliarAndouIn "Lingering Memories"
c76808.32018-12-14 at 22:50beliarAndouHappens in Neighbor off screen
c69500.32018-12-14 at 22:49beliarUchiyama ShinichiHe only has a few line sin the prologue
s17690.12018-12-14 at 22:48beliarDOSUKOI Taroustaff
v24.992018-12-14 at 22:36ac728Umineko no Naku Koro niMany of the other screenshots have a flawed resolution not indicative of the original resolution, therefore they should be removed in the first place
c21994.492018-12-14 at 22:34batooWatarase Yuumi+1
c21995.492018-12-14 at 22:34batooTachimori Saki+1
c69537.162018-12-14 at 22:33batooYuuki's Mother+1
c69538.142018-12-14 at 22:33batooYuuki's Father+1
v7766.412018-12-14 at 22:32vempeleIma Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai!Because they're not one word in this case. "Imouto da" is the thing she wants to say, tte quotes it.
r60421.42018-12-14 at 22:25beliarNeighbor - Lingering Memorieslinks
c65261.122018-12-14 at 22:10thewayfarerKozuya KouheiSpecific condition trait - Also removed an improvised trait
c70262.92018-12-14 at 22:05namingmegentlyNarukami Kyouichirou+24 traits
c75478.52018-12-14 at 21:13namingmegentlyMochizuki Shimaedited description and traits; added release
c4675.222018-12-14 at 20:39barfboyShigure Asanew trait half demon is more appropriate than demon blooded
c4678.202018-12-14 at 20:38barfboyMayumi Thymenew trait half demon is more appropriate than demon blooded