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v3314.42018-12-15 at 06:34wakaranaiKunoichi Onee-san Shizune no Gohoushi Ninmu ~Sessha no Subete wa Waka-sama no...img
v16297.72018-12-15 at 06:17hijiriDeath Rule: lost codeAdded new screenshots
v2612.62018-12-15 at 05:45mrgannosukeItadaki! Nyannyan Chinasource erogamescape
r54185.32018-12-15 at 05:44trickzzterWinter's SymphoniesInfo from Steam
p8399.22018-12-15 at 05:27trickzzterJormungand StudioWebsite is no longer available
r61045.22018-12-15 at 05:17trickzzterSTEINS;GATE: Linear Bounded PhenogramSteam link
r56179.172018-12-15 at 05:15trickzzterSTEINS;GATE ELITENote
r56179.162018-12-15 at 05:11trickzzterSTEINS;GATE ELITESplitting Linear Bounded Phenogram. r61045 It will be released as separate entry (bundled with Elite): link
r61045.12018-12-15 at 05:09trickzzterSTEINS;GATE: Linear Bounded PhenogramWill be released as separate entry bundled with STEINS;GATE ELITE. link
r60839.32018-12-15 at 05:01trickzzterSnowNightFormat
r60839.22018-12-15 at 04:53trickzzterSnowNightReleased
v24728.32018-12-15 at 04:24onepersonvisualBukkake!cover
r61044.12018-12-15 at 03:41trickzzterPaper Shakespeare: Stick Julius Caesar: War on XmasNew release based on r59705.1
r58726.22018-12-15 at 02:32trickzzterThe cursed loveRemoved link
v23840.32018-12-15 at 02:30trickzzterThe Cursed Loveremoved
r58559.82018-12-15 at 01:46marantanaFxxx Me Royally! - Horny Magical Princesslink
v23431.42018-12-15 at 01:39terios121Cross to Bear...
v23431.32018-12-15 at 01:13wakaranaiCross to BearVA
v18623.42018-12-15 at 00:14wakaranaiGoshujin-sama wa Watashi no Monocast
v22537.52018-12-14 at 23:03beliarKioku no Zanzoustaff, cast
v50.452018-12-14 at 22:51perverseFate/Hollow AtaraxiaReplaced some of the screenshots.
s17690.12018-12-14 at 22:48beliarDOSUKOI Taroustaff
v24.992018-12-14 at 22:36ac728Umineko no Naku Koro niMany of the other screenshots have a flawed resolution not indicative of the original resolution, therefore they should be removed in the first place
v7766.412018-12-14 at 22:32vempeleIma Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai!Because they're not one word in this case. "Imouto da" is the thing she wants to say, tte quotes it.
r60421.42018-12-14 at 22:25beliarNeighbor - Lingering Memorieslinks
v24793.52018-12-14 at 20:33wakaranaiHimote na Ore ga Yurufuwa Oppai Senpai to Haramasex Shimakuru Gakuen SeikatsuVA
r60992.22018-12-14 at 20:26wakaranaiHaitoku to Yokubou no ma de ~Tsumi ni Nureru Onna~format
v24684.32018-12-14 at 20:25wakaranaiHaitoku to Yokubou no ma de ~Tsumi ni Nureru Onna~ending credits
r61043.12018-12-14 at 20:18eacilSoukou Seiki Ysphere ~Ingyaku no Sennou Kaizou~ Download EditionNew release based on r61042.1
r61042.12018-12-14 at 20:18eacilSoukou Seiki Ysphere ~Ingyaku no Sennou Kaizou~ Package Editionrelease
v24880.12018-12-14 at 20:14eacilSoukou Seiki Ysphere ~Ingyaku no Sennou Kaizou~new pin-point, no idea how to transcribe イースフィア, relation not sure but the cover's layout, the title and the brainwashing makes it almost sure it's
v24.982018-12-14 at 20:06gregoryUmineko no Naku Koro niReverted to revision v24.96 You're putting too much emphasis on one release and not the others
v24.972018-12-14 at 20:02ac728Umineko no Naku Koro niEdit
v9811.32018-12-14 at 19:54kivandopulusFuture Dolltypo
r61040.22018-12-14 at 19:53dk382Sanoba Witch - Machine TranslationMachine translations are not allowed to be added as releases here.
p8645.22018-12-14 at 19:53dk382MTPMachine translations are not allowed to be added as releases here. And so a group that focuses on them is similarly not allowed here.
r61039.22018-12-14 at 19:52dk382Island - Machine TranslationMachine translations are not allowed to be added as releases here.
r61041.22018-12-14 at 19:52dk382Magical Marriage Lunatics!! - Machine TranslationMachine translations are not allowed to be added as releases here.
r61041.12018-12-14 at 19:50mtpMagical Marriage Lunatics!! - Machine TranslationAdd Patch Info
r61040.12018-12-14 at 19:50mtpSanoba Witch - Machine TranslationAdd Patch Info
r61039.12018-12-14 at 19:50mtpIsland - Machine TranslationAdd Patch Info
p8645.12018-12-14 at 19:49mtpMTPAdd group
v9811.22018-12-14 at 19:47kivandopulusFuture Dolldesc
v23199.112018-12-14 at 19:28harleyquinFuukan no GrasestaFirst run took over 60 hours. Subsequent runs will not take as long, but getting the complete experience without gameplay grinding requires well over
v24425.52018-12-14 at 19:12perverseSummer's CloverChanged relation to a side story of Katawa Shoujo and updated the description.
r61000.42018-12-14 at 18:08beliarKissing Therapythe build also includes lin libraries, thus should work on that platform
r61000.32018-12-14 at 18:07beliarKissing Therapyfixes
v6553.32018-12-14 at 18:01eiesoldarDon’t Stop Mama?!Length, 10 screenshots
r61000.22018-12-14 at 17:53hiraryKissing Therapy(empty)
v24736.32018-12-14 at 17:48eiesoldarMitsubachi GakuenLength, 10 screenshots