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This character engages in a sexual scene involving unbirthing, partial unbirthing or full head insertion into the vagina of another person. Apply i2090 to the receiving character.

Unbirthing is a dark fantasy-based sexual paraphilia in which individuals are sexually aroused by the idea of being enveloped and swallowed by a woman's vagina. This is often termed "vaginal vore" and is commonly viewed as a sub-type of vorarephilia. It's not a practice that can be achieved in real life but it's reality in hentai pictures, comics and games, where a full human body can be inserted back into the vagina.

Partial unbirthing is instead a real (more than extremely rare) sexual practice where a person inserts his head inside the vagina of another person. The term was created when the fantasy of unbirthing was broken down into total and partial types. Unlike unbirth, partial unbirth is not considered a form of vore.

NSFW Unbirth Large Body
NSFW Unbirth Small Body
NSFW Partial Unbirth/Head Insertion

Sexual content

Partial Unbirthing
Head Insertion
Vaginal Vore


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